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11 years 317 days 14 hours 30 minutes and 28,8 sekunds

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Q: How long does it take planet Jupiter to circle the sun?
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How long would a planet take to revolve around the sun if it was an inner planet in between Mars and Jupiter?

If the planet was exactly in between Mars and Jupiter, it would take 3645.029 days.

What planet will take longer to circle the sun mercury Jupiter Uranus or Saturn?

Uranus See related questions

How long does the planet Jupiter take to revolve in revolution around the sun?

The planet Jupiter takes 4,332.71 days to orbit the Sun. That's 11.86 years.

How long does planet Jupiter take to travel once around earth?

It takes Jupiter approximately 12 years to orbit the sun.

How long does it take this planet to make one rotation on its axis of Jupiter?

About 9 hours and 50 minutes, is the time for Jupiter to rotate once.

How long does planet Earth take to circle the Sun once?

365 days

How long does it take a satellite in low earth orbit to circle the entire planet?

About an hour.

How long does it take planet neptune to circle the sun?

It takes 164.79 earth years.

How long will it take to go the planet Jupiter?

That would totally depend on how fast you were going. The Galileo spacecraft took six years to get to Jupiter going thousands of miles per hour.

Why is Jupiter the hardest planet to take off from if your in a spaceship?

Jupiter has 2.5x Earths gravity, so it will be very hard to fly out of Jupiter from the strong gravitational pull.

What planet would take the longest time to travel around?

Jupiter: it's the largest.

How long would it take to drive around Jupiter once?

Assuming you were "driving", at the equator, which is ludicrous on a gas planet, but for the sake of humour, at 100mph - a reckless speed on Earth, but on Jupiter where no other drivers are around is quite safe. The circumference of Jupiter is about - it's a gas planet so it will vary - 279,118 miles. So at 100mph to cover this distance would take - forgetting fuel or "pit" stops - 116.3 days.