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None, the Russians haven't even been to the moon. however, a number of their unmanned landers did crash into the moon.

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Q: How many Russians have crashed into the moon?
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Did the Russians crash land on the moon?

No Russians never crashed a maned spacecraft on the moon. A unmanned craft i think so.

How many Russians have landed on the moon?

Russia has not landed a manned vessel on the moon.

Were the Russians the first to get a human on the moon?

The Russians have yet to land on the moon.

What countries have put men on the moon?

The United States is the only nation that has landed a man on the moon, however, Russia has sent probes to the moon, things like that, and have attempted to put Russians on the moon, but the rocket crashed during takeoff. In layman's terms, the only country that put a man on the moon is the US.

How many russians have been on the moon?

None, as far as is publicly known.

How many moon landings have there been Russianss?

The Russians have failed to make a single moon landing, they were not interested in landing on the moon.

how many items have crashed into the moon?

I think 88

Did the Russians really go to the moon?

No. The Russians have sent unmanned probes, but the only manned missions to the moon were American.

What Apollo crashed into the moon?


How many lunar missions did the USSR send to the moon?

The Russians did not make any successful moon landings, it was all unmanned.

When did they crash the moon?

Nobody has ever crashed the moon as you can see it is still up there.However from time to time people have crashed things into the moon. Most recently two spacecraft were crashed into a crater on the south pole of the moon. This happened on Friday 9th September 2009.

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