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Well, there are approximately 29.5 days in a lunar phase period, from new moon to new moon. So I would assume that there would be 29.5 days between each particular phase as well. But I am not 100% sure about that.

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Q: How many days pass until the exact same Moon shape reappears?
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What shape does the moon appear to be when it is closer to the sun than the earth?

Somewhere between half and all of the visible part of the Moon will be bright in that case, depending on the exact position of the Moon.

What phenomenon occurs when a star disappears and reappears from behind the moon?

Two things: 1. The star is eclipsed by the Moon 2. In passing in front of a star by the Moon, the star is limned by the leading edge of the Moon and again by the trailing edge of the Moon.

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Is a sphere the shape of the moon?

yes the moon is in the shape of a sphere

Why moon is changing its shape?

The moon is not changing it's shape!

How many days do it take for the exact moon shape to appear?

Whatever moon phase you're looking at, it was the same 29.53 days ago, and it'll be the same again after another 29.53 days.

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What is the term for the lit shape of the moon?

The general term for the visible lit part of the moon is "the phase of the moon." The visible lit portion can have a crescent shape, a gibbous shape or a "half-moon" (half circle) shape.

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Technically, the shape of the moon never changes. What changes is what we saw on Earth. The shape we see depends on the alignment of the Moon, Earth, and Sun.