How many planets can you live on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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So far we know of only one planet that is habitable.

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Q: How many planets can you live on?
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What are reasons for space travel?

to explore many different planets, galaxies, comets, possible planets we can live on, etc.

Are there other planets where you can live and other planets in galaxies?

yes we can live

how many planets could people live on?

EARTH,🧐🧐 but in future it may possible to live on other planet

Why are all planets livable?

We live on Earth, aliens live on Pluto, Mars, and other planets like Jupiter.

What are the planets that live in space?

Planets do not live. They are inorganic material. The planets that exist in our solar system from closest to the sun to the furthest are... Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Beyond Neptune there are many planetoids including Pluto (which used to be considered a planet) We have discovered many other planets orbiting other stars, but I don't know all the names that have been given to them.

Can humans live on other planets and other planets in galaxies?

Very probably

Why is there so many people on earth cant they live on other planets?

because no oxygen on other planet

Do aliens live on different planets?


Where do planets live?

IN the galaxyIn the universe

Is there live on other planets?

there might well be life but there is no live

What are the inner 3 planets?

The 3 planets closest to the sun are Mercury, Venus, and Earth. We live on one of the inner planets.

Will you live on other planets?

Yes we will move planets cause we screwed our ozone layers.