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They carry their air with them - utilizing carbon dioxide scrubbers to remove the carbon dioxide that they exhale. If their space ship or space suits were breached, they would lose the air they contained and die.

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Q: If space is a airless vacuum how do astronauts breathe?
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Is there pressure on the space shuttle?

Yes there is. No pressure would mean a vacuum, and astronauts would not be able to breathe!

How and what do the astronauts breathe on the space station?

Astronauts on the space station breathe a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, similar to the air we breathe on Earth. The station has systems that generate and maintain this breathable atmosphere, including equipment to produce oxygen from water and remove carbon dioxide exhaled by the astronauts.

What does a space suit do for astronauts?

In space, it gives them air to breathe.

What is an airless environment called?


Why astronauts cannot hear each other in space?

Space is vacuum, and sound can't travel in vacuum.

Why can't astronauts communicate with sound in outer space?

Because space is a vacuum.

Canwe breathe in space?

No, we cannot breathe in space because the oxygen level is very low. astronauts have to carry oxygen tanks to space.

Why do people need the atmosphere to live?

The atmosphere contains oxygen that we need to breathe. Without the atmosphere there would be no oxygen to breathe. Also without an atmosphere there would be the vacuum of space and life cannot survive in a vacuum. Just picture living in suits like the astronauts wear.

Why do astronauts wear spacesuits in the outer space?

Astronauts wear spacesuits in outer space to provide them with a safe environment to survive in the vacuum of space. Spacesuits protect astronauts from extreme temperatures, provide oxygen to breathe, and shield them from harmful radiation and micrometeoroids. They also contain communication systems and tools necessary for spacewalks and other tasks outside the spacecraft.

What type of clothing do astronauts need to protect their skin from harmful gases in space?

There are no harmful gases in space. There are no gases. Space is a vacuum. Astronauts wear a pressure suit so that they are not exposed to the vacuum, which could kill them.

Why do the astronauts wear a special spacesuit when visit to space?

so they can breathe

How does the space suit backpack help astronauts breathe in a space environment?

it has Scuba tanks of oxigen.