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If tonight the phase of the moon is full when it rises what will be the phase 4 days from now is in the waning gibbous stage.

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Q: If tonight the phase of the moon is full when it rises what will be the phase 4 days from now?
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Can you give a sentence that has the word phase as in the moons phase?

The moons phase tonight is full

The moon rises at 18h What is it phase?

Full moon.

What phase of the moon rises as the sun sets?

Full moon

If the moon is in the new phase tonight what phase will it be one week from now?

That is the first quarter moon which looks like a half moon.

What moon phase is shown approximately 4 days after the full moon?

The "waning gibbous" phase lasts from 2 days after the full to 6 days after the full.

IF There is a Full moon tonight which phase of the moon will you see in 15 days?

The period of the complete cycle of phases of the moon is about 29 days. So, exactly 15 days after the moment of Full Moon, it will have just passed New Moon. If you can see it at all at that time, it will be the skinniest possible crescent, very close to the sun in the sky.

What phase is the moon in if it rises at sunset?

Full moon.

How many days are required fot the moon to go from one full moon phase to the next full moon phase when viewed from earth?

29.531 days (rounded)

Which phase of the moon occurs when the moon rises near sunset and is seen during night?

Full moon, or within one day of the full.

What time will the full moon rise tonight?

Each night the moon rise changes, So.... If you go to, you can select a location in the drop-down menu and see times for moonrise and moonset in that location. Also provided is local time when the Moon passes the meridian with distance, fraction of the Moon illuminated and moon phase.

The number of days it takes the moon to pass from a full moon phase to a new moon phase?

1/2 of 29.53 days = 14.77 days (rounded)

What time does the full moon rise Can it be seen in the eastern or northern sky?

The Full Moon rises at roughly the same time as the sun sets.Like every other astronomical body, the moon ... at whatever phase ...rises from the eastern horizon.