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yes you would need a rope to bring with you on your trip to the moon because you would float away and you would also obviously want to bring oxygen with you in a space suit that way you can axctually breathe while you are on the moon(;

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Q: Is 50 Feet of Nylon Rope good for going on the moon?
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What is is used to make rope?

Hemp and nylon are good sources for rope.

What Rope is used for rope and pulley with lanyard for easy raising and lowering?

Braided nylon or nylon jacketed polyprpoylene kernmantle are both good choices.

Does nylon burn?

Nylon melts. Think about the end of a piece of nylon rope, it is better to burn it than to cut it to the length you want. From Wikipedia: Used in carpets and nylon stockings; Melts instead of burning; Used in many military applications; Good specific strength

Is nylon a good clothing material to wear when going hillwalking?

no AND yes

If you throw a rope on a high voltage power line will you be electrocuted?

It will be dependant upon the material the rope is constructed from and the physical condition of the rope. If the rope is in a poor physical, dirty and damp condition the conductivity of the rope will be higher and this will surely lead to electrocution . A good clean and well looked after polypropylene or nylon rope will most likely stand the higher voltage and not conduct.

Can you dye rope?

You can dye hemp rope with procion fiber reactive dye.You can dye 100% nylon rope with Rit liquid dye.Polyester rope does not take dye well.

Is nylon a good conductor of electricity?

No, nylon is not a good conductor of electricity, it is an insulator.

Why nylon is often used as rope in water sports?

causes some people like to use it and some people think it is easy to do things with it and i think it is very good for people

What is the basic harness item you should use to move you horse form place to place?

A good strong nylon halter and a lead rope is the safest equipment while working with your horse.

How long is a normal horse lead rope?

They can be made of a number of ropes including (twisted or braided) cotton, polyester and nylon. Synthetic ropes are often preferable because cotton lead ropes tend to stretch over time, although you can have a wider variety of colours to choose from if you use cotton. Nylon is also good if you want different colours. Hope this helps :)

What is good adhesive for nylon and PE?

There is no good adhesive for nylon and PE. Both are almost impervious to glue.

Is nylon thread stronger than a steel wire of the same thickness?

More information is needed really as the answer depends hugely on the application. For example, yes you could tow a friends broken down car with a steel cable of equal strength to the nylon tow rope. ....but not, you could not replace a nylon rope used to moor a boat with (untreated) steel cable as it wuold rust. Nylon rope also has some "give" in it, allowing it to absorb some shock as tension is taken, it is also an excellent insulator. Steel has almost no give at all and is a fairly good conductor (though not brilliant when efficient conduction is required). So it depends massively on your application - all answers from "absolutely not" to "it would be even better" can appy. Mark