Is Jupiter a brown dwarf

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Jupiter is a gas planet. It is not massive enough to be considered a brown dwarf.

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Q: Is Jupiter a brown dwarf
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How big can a planet be?

Up to about 13 times Jupiter's mass. Above that, it is expected to be a brown dwarf. Incidentally, the diameter of such a planet would be similar to that of Jupiter.

Is Jupiter a planet or a dwarf-planet?

No. Jupiter is not a dwarf planet. Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Makemake, Hauma are dwarf planets.

Does Jupiter or Saturn make its own heat?

Yes; in fact Jupiter is basically a brown dwarf; aka a failed star and is therefore, able to produce its own heat.

If a brown dwarf hit the moon?

Brown Dwarfs are 5 times the Size of Jupiter, so if a Brown Dwarf will hit the Moon it will hit or Burn Eurth too, but if the Moon is gone or destryed Eurth's climate will change and other problems may happen.

How many times large is a brown dwarf star than Jupiter?

The size should be about the same. The mass, of course, is greater.

How many stars are in your solar solar system?

It is actually 2. Jupiter and the Sun. Some say that Jupiter is a planet but it is a brown dwarf or a failed star.

What is the fate of an isolated brown dwarf?

The fate of an isolated brown dwarf depends on its mass. If the brown dwarf is below a certain threshold (about 13 times the mass of Jupiter), it will cool and fade over time, eventually becoming a cold, dark object called a "rogue planet." If the brown dwarf is more massive, it may undergo fusion reactions and become a star, though this is rare for isolated brown dwarfs.

What is the difference between red and brown dwarf stars?

Red dwarf stars are massive enough to undergo nuclear fusion, so they would burn a long time before they run out of fuel. Brown dwarves are not massive enough for nuclear fusion, so almost all of its light come from the time when the brown dwarf was formed. Over a long period of time, a brown dwarf would cool down into a gas giant similar to Jupiter.

Is Jupiter a failed star?

No. A true "failed star" is considered a brown dwarf. Though they commonly have a very similar diameter of Jupiter, they are massive enough to fuse deuterium ('heavy hydrogen'), and this distinguishes them from the heavy, dense planets like Jupiter.

Which planet if it were bigger would be a star?

Jupiter. However, it would need to be MUCH bigger. It would need about 80 times its present mass to become even the smallest possible red dwarf star. Even if you count "brown dwarfs", Jupiter would still need more than ten times its present mass just to be the smallest brown dwarf.

Is Jupiter an outer inner or dwarf planet?

Jupiter is one of the Outer Planets.

What is a possible outcome for a protostar that does no have enough material?

A brown dwarf.A brown dwarf.A brown dwarf.A brown dwarf.