Is Jupiter lighter than earth

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jupiter is 317.8 times heavier than earth

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Q: Is Jupiter lighter than earth
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Are things heavier or lighter on earth than Jupiter?

Things are much lighter on Earth than Jupiter, because the great mass of the planet Jupiter (Over 4 times that of Earth) creates more of a gravitational pull, which makes you more heavy in Jupiter.

Is Jupiter bigger or smaller than earth?

Jupiter is bigger than earth

Does your weight get lighter on Jupiter?

lighter on jupiter

How is the planet Jupiter different from Earth?

Jupiter is bigger than Earth and is gaseous rather than rocky.

Is Saturn bigger or smaller than Jupiter and earth?

Bigger than Earth smaller than Jupiter

Is Jupiter is larger or smaller than earth?

yes jupiter is way bigger than earth.

How much is jupiter is bigger than earth?

Jupiter is more than 1000 times bigger than earth.

Is Jupiter 62 times larger than earth?

Jupiter is about 11.1 times larger than the Earth.

How much smaller is earth than Jupiter?

Jupiter has a mass about 318 times larger than the Earth

What is smaller than Jupiter but bigger than Earth?

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are smaller than Jupiter but larger than the earth

What planet is bigger than earth but smaller than Jupiter?

Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all larger than Earth but smaller than Jupiter.

Is helium lighter than earth?

yes. helium is lighter than earth or even air.