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It really goes case by case. Some single stars are so massive and large that its very easy to determine its mass. Same goes for single stars of far less mass in our neck of the woods in our galaxy(within 300 light years) While determining the mass of multiple star systems get tricky, while its easy to determine the mass of nearby binary star systems such as Alpha Centauri system and the Cappella System. but sometimes its very tricky when the primary star in a system is many times larger then their counterparts. for example we know that Polaris (North Star) has 2 smaller companions and we even have rough estimates of their orbits. but since Polaris A is so large and massive its hard to tell the mass of its smaller compatriots.

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Q: Is it easier to measure the mass of single stars or binary stars?
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There are lots of binary stars. Doing a search on "binary stars" should get you several. It seems that binary (or multiple) stars are about as common as single stars; at least, they are in the same order of magnitude.

Are all stars single?

Current observation suggest that about 50% of all star systems are binary stars.

Why are binary stars common?

No, in fact they are quite common. Many stars that, with the naked eye, look like a single star, are actually double or multiple stars.

What colors are binary stars?

Binary stars can be any color that stars can be. There's no need for the two stars in a binary to be the same color.

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From Wikipedia, article binary star: "It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of the star systems in the Milky Way are binary or multiple, with the remaining 2/3 consisting of single stars."It should be emphasized that this is just an estimate - some double or multiple stars are hard to detect.

Stars that are found in pairs are called?

Two stars orbiting each other are "binary stars" ...a group of stars near each other, may be formally or informally known as a "cluster".

What are two stars bound by gravity called?

Binary stars

Parallax would be easier to measure if?

Parallax would be easier to measure if the Earth were farther from the sun. This way, there will be a wider angle to the stars using the parallax method.

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Yes all binary stars are part of the star system because all galaxies and universes have stars and you have to have at least two stars for it to be binary stars.

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Binary what? Binary numbers? Binary stars? Binary fission?

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About 50% of all stars are binary stars - they all have different temperatures.

To calculate the mass of a star scientists study?

the orbits of binary stars