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The mass would be the same. the weight would not.

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Q: Is the mass of an elephant the same on the moon as mars?
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Is the mass of an elephant on the moon the same as it's weight on the moon?

Mass and weight are two different things. Mass does not change, but weight changes depending on the gravity acting on the item. An elephant has the same mass on Earth, the Moon, or when weightless in orbit. The weights in each of those location will vary greatly.

What would the Mass of elephant on the moon?

it would be the same wherever you are

Is the moon about the same size as Mars?

Mars is about twice as big as the Moon.

Who has a greater mass a 30N man on earth or 30N man on moon?

Neither. Mass is mass. Newtons is a force not a mass, 30 N is the same on Mars or anywhere else. It is 30 N

If an object has a mass of 20kg on earth what is the mass of the object on moon?

The mass on the moon will remain the same, 20 kg If the object's mass is 20 kg, then it's 20 kg. On Earth, on the moon, on Mars, or floating weightless in a space ship coasting from one of them to another. Weight depends on where you are, but mass doesn't.

Does Mars have a sun?

No, it does not. The earth has a moon, and Mars does not. It is earth's moon, earth and the sun that are involved in eclipses. All of them. Without a moon, Mars cannot experience an eclipse.

Are Earth and Mars the same mass?

No. Mars is a little more than a tenth the mass of Earth.

Is the mass of the astronaut on Mars bigger smaller or the same compared with on Earth?

You would have the same mass on the Earth as you would on the moon. You would just weigh less on the moon because there is less gravity there than on the moon.

When does the elephant and a mouse become same in weight?

the moon

Does the earth and the moon have the same amount of mass?

No, they do not have the same mass. The moon has much less mass than Earth.

What is the mass of a hammer on the moon?

The mass of a hammer on the Moon is the same as the mass of that same hammer on Earth - or in space, or anywhere else.

Does the Moon and Mars benefit us?

The moon does; it causes the tides. Mars is just there ... without it Earth would be just the same.