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Yes. by a few cm every year. The moons gravity effect on the earth is slowing the earths rotation, which in turn is weakining the earths magnetic field, which is keeping the moon in orbit. Eventually if nothing crashes into the earth, and if the sun doesnt explode, then the moon will escape the magnetic field of the earth and find its own orbit around the sun, however this orbit would not be as circular as the earths, it would most likely move much closer to the sun at some point in its orbit and would probably fall into it.

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Q: Is the moon drifting away from earth?
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How does the earth get closer to the moon?

it doesnt the moon is drifting away from earth's gravitational pull by 1 half an inch every year

Why will the gravity force between the moon and the earth decrees?

The moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth at a rate of about 1 inch per year.

Why is the moon drifting away from earth?

As all things in the solar system is moving the gravity pull is getting less between earth and the moon.

What would happen if the moon slowly moved away from earth?

The moon does slowly move away from earth at an estimated two inches every year, it is a possibility that (if you believe in the apocalypse) the cause for the fall of Earth is the moon losing its orbit with earth and drifting away.

When will the moon drift away from the earth?

The moon is already drifting away from Earth. The other plants, and the sun, are pulling it closer to them. The moon moves a little less then a centimeter a year, but it is moving further away. Sooner than later, we might be moonless!

How does the earth keep the moon at fix distance away?

Earths gravity isn't strong enough to pull it into the Earth, however it is strong enough to keep it from drifting away.

More info about the earth and the moon?

Scientists are not sure how the moon was formed. The Theory I believe is that the moon was a piece of debris from an impact that fused together and got caught in Earth's Gravitational pull. The moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth and will one day fly away into space.

Why moon goes around the earth but never fall?

Gravity is pulling down on it and keeping it in place but the moon is slowly drifting away about an inch a year

How far will the moon move away from the earth in 1000000 years?

The moon is drifting away from earth at a rate of about 38 millimeters per year. So in 1 million years, the moon will have drifted another 38 kilometers or abour 24 miles further from Earth.

Is being on the moon fake?

No. The moon missions were real. During one of the moon walks, the astronauts placed a reflector at a specific location on the moons' surface so that Earth bound astronomers could monitor the orbital distance of the moon with LASERs. This is how we know the Moon is drifting away from Earth by about 3cm per year.

Why does the moon not crash on earth but stay in space and not float away or into earth?

The moon and other planets and their satellites are held in space by the force of gravity from other planets and satellites. If the moon tried to drift off into space, gravitational forces from the Earth will keep it from floating away. It doesn't crash into the Earth because planets and moons pull AGAINST each other and keep each other from drifting away.* * * * *Only partly true.The moon does not float away because of the action of earth's gravity - whether you view this as a force or a distirtion of space-time in the moon's path.The moon does not crash into the earth, not because of other planets or satellites, but because of the momentum of its orbit around the earth.

How many miles away from Earth is the moon?

the moon is about 230,000 miles away from the surface of the earth

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