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Q: Is there any planet that starts with b?
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What is another word for earth that starts with the letter b?

The Blue Planet

Any word that starts with letter b?


What planet starts with N?

The planet is Neptune.

List of words that that starts with letter b?

take any dictionary

What is the duration of Planet B?

The duration of Planet B is 1800.0 seconds.

What animal that starts with letter B?

Bear starts with the letter B

When was Planet B created?

Planet B was created on 2009-03-02.

When did Planet B end?

Planet B ended on 2011-02-27.

Is the sun the only planet that starts with a s?

NO, Saturn is the only planet. The sun is not a planet.

Do the planet earth have a n animal that starts with z?

Planet earth has an animal that starts with the letter z. Zebra starts with the letter z and is on planet earth. There are a few microrganisms that start with the letter z also.

On planet A a second has passed while on planet B an hour has passed. On which planet does time run faster?

'definitely, planet A' 'But if you think like this: on planet B an hour has passed in the same amount of time a second has passed on planet A. Then time runs faster on planet B.'

What is a country that's starts with b?

Belgium is a country that starts with B.