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One of the most interesting facts is the size. IN Earth sizes Jupiter is almost 318 times the size of the Earth.

Mercury 0.553 Venus 0.8150 Earth 1.0000 Mars 0.1074 Jupiter 317.833 Saturn 95.159 Uranus 14.54 Neptune 17.204 Pluto 0.0022

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Jupiter has few very faint rings that can be seen by a powerful telescope.

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Jupiter have a great red spot

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Q: Is there anything special about Jupiter?
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Does Jupiter have something special about its moons?

is there anything special about Jupiter's moons

Are there anything special on Jupiter?

The great big spot

What is so special about Jupiter?

Jupiter is interesting because it youst to have a storm and now its not on Jupiter.

Is there anything spacial about Jupiter?

there are a lot of things about jupiter

Does Jupiter have something special?

yes, jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.

Why is there no life on Jupiter?

because Jupiter has not got water or anything that gasn grow into something that's why Jupiter has no life .

What is Jupiter's special move on bey blade?

Jupiter's special move on Bey Blade is called grand lightening. Jupiter is able to send purple lightening into outer space. The lightening appears as a cyclone.

Can you do anything on Jupiter?

no u cant walk or do stuff on Jupiter because it does not have a solid surface.

Is there anything specail or cool about Jupiter?

Jupiter is a gas giant. It is the largest planet in our solar system.

What was Jupiter's name before it was Jupiter?

It was never anything else. It has been known as Jupiter for thousands of years. 2nd Answer: You may be thinking of Jove, the name of Jupiter in Greek. Jupiter is its name in Latin.

What are some special features of Jupiter?

A special feature of the planet Jupiter is the huge hurricane on its surface that is known as the Great Red Spot. It is also the largest planet in our solar system.

What can I name Jupiter?

Anything you like, Jupiter was the king of the Greek pantheon.