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comets, asteriods, and meteors.

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Comet, Asteroids, Gas

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Q: Name 3 items found in space besides stars moons planets?
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What are the items found in space besides stars moons and planets?

Yes, an example is asteroids.

What is found in the solar system besides thw sun planets and moons?

There are asteroids, meteoroids and comets.

What are three types of bodies in the solar system besides dwarf planets asteroids and planets?

Several commonly found objects in solar systems besides Planets (including planet types) and asteroids are comets, stars, black holes, and moons (satellites).

What are three items found in space other than stars moons and planets?

space rocks ice and another galexy

Why do the planets go round the sun and not the moon?

Because the moons are the ones revolvimg around the planets (only some planets have moons, not all). And besides, moons aren't in the center of the solar system. They're even smaller than the planets.

Where can moons be found?

They are found in Space close to there planets

Astronomers have found all the moons of the outer planets?

Astronomer have found many of the major moons of the outer planets, which are Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. However, they have not found all the possible moons associated with each of these planets. For example Jupiter has 50 known moons, and Saturn has 53 moons that are known so far.

What is a crator?

a depression found on planets or moons

Objects that orbit planets?

The objects found orbiting the planets are called satellites, or moons. They range from Mercury and Venus, which have no moons, to Jupiter and Saturn, which have over 50 moons.

Name two objects in the solar system besides moons and planets?

The Sun and the asteroids.

Do moons revolve around other planets?

Yes. A moon (or natural satellite) do revolve around other planets besides Earth. The only two planets without moons revolving around them are Mercury and Venus.

How many moons do the suns have?

The Sun has no moons. Moons orbit Planets > Planets orbit the Sun.