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it is named after Luna the roman gods

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Q: Name one of the features on the moon which has been named?
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Who is the astronomer that studied and named the Moon's features?


What is the name of are moon?

The Moon is actually named Luna.

Name the moon that revolve around Neptune in clockwise direction?

Thank you, but it has already been named. It is Triton.

What god is the moon named after of?

Well there is an Egyptian moon god with the name of Joh and his name is one of the names for moon

What is the Roman name for the moon?

The Roman personification of the Moon was named Luna.

What is the Moon's name?

The moon was named Luna by the Ancient Romans

Name of moon of Jupiter named after Zeus?

Jupiter was named after Zeus. Jupiter is the Roman name of the king of the gods.

Name three features on the moon's surface?

Maria, crates, highlands. :)

Who names their daughter moon unit?

Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit. 'Unit' is her middle name, the name she goes by is Moon Zappa.

When was earth's moon named?

Earth's moon received its name in the various languages in prehistoric times.

What planet has a moon with the name titan?

The answer is Saturn.

What is the name of a crater of the moon named after a German astronomer?

Stöfler is one, named for Johannes Stöffler.