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Rotation or revolution which motion of earth brings morning and which brings summer?

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Q: Rotation or revolution which motion of earth brings morning and which brings summer?
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What are the two parts of motion?

revolution and rotation

Describe the two types of planetary motion?

The two types of planetary motion are revolution and rotation. Revolution is the motion of the planets around the Sun, while rotation is the motion of the planets around their axis.

What are the 2 types of motion in the solar system?

Rotation and revolution.

Are revolution and rotation the same?

No, they aren't the same. Revolution is the object moving in a circular motion. Rotation is when the object stays in one place and spins around.

Is the motion of a planet traveling around the sun called a rotation or a revolution?


What are differences of planetary rotation and planetary revolution?

The difference is rotation is a spinning motion of a planet on its axis while revolution is the movement of an object around another object.

What are the two types of motion of the earth?

Rotation on its own axis and Revolution around the Sun.

Facts about rotation and revolution?

rotation is the spin of a body on its axis and revolution is the motion of a body that travels around another body in space;one complete trip along an orbit

How is rotation different from revolution?

An object's movement around its own axis is called rotation and movement of a planet another another planet or a star is called as revolution. As you know, earth is our planet. To make you understand revolution and rotation in a better way, I take Earth as an example. It's rotation is completed within 24 hours and its revolution takes around 365 days.

What is the spinning motion of a planet about its axis?

The spinning of a planet or star is called rotation, while the motion of a planet around a star is revolution.

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