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Q: Surface processes do you think is the most common in the solar system?
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Did Greeks make the solar system?

No. The solar system formed by natural processes. Humans, including the Greeks, did not exist until much later.

What is the most common star in the solar system?

The most common star in our solar system is the Sun, with a total count of one (1). There are no other stars inside the solar system.

What planet has the lowest surface in your solar system?


Which planet in the solar system has a rocky surface with craters?


Which planet has the highest surface temperature in solar system?


Are moons in the solar system common?

Yes, they are.

What planet has the most fluctuating surface temperature in the solar system?


What has liquid water on its surface?

Earth is the only one in our solar system.

What planets have a rocky surface?

In this solar system there are four, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

What is the most common element in your solar system?


What is the most common rock in the solar system?


What is the center of the solar system besides the sun?

Nothing it is the Sun! Because the word solar means sun. Yes, I suppose that's right, but I've got a possible alternative. Everything in the Solar System revolves around something that's not the Sun! It is is the common centre of mass, which is just outside the surface of the Sun.