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It's temperature.

Blue = hot, red = cool.

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Q: The color of a star is an indication of its what?
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What is indicated by a star color?

The color is basically an indication of its surface temperature.

The color of a star could be an indication of the what?

nick goetz the shet

Why do stars turn blue?

Stars are blue because of their age and temperature. Blue is an indication of a young HOT star, when reddish color means the star is aging

The color of the star can be indication of the?

The star's temperature. The more blue the star is the hotter it is. Pure blue stars get up to around 18,000 k. The more red the star is the cooler it is. Pure red stars can get up to around 2,500 k. White, yellowish color stars are in the middle.

What is the relationship between the color and the temperature of star?

The relationship is that the color is an indication of the star's surface temperature. For example, red stars are cooler, while blue stars are hotter. You can find more details in the Wikipedia article "Stellar classification".

Is the yellow star the youngest star?

No, colour is just an indication of temperature.

How old is an orange star?

The colour of a star is an indication of it's temperature, not it's age.

What is the True indication of a chemical change?

A change in color

What is the only true indication of a chemical change?

A change in color

What color of a star indicate about it?

The color of the star Indicates its Temperature.

What color star is regulus?

the color of the star regulus is blue-white

Does the color of a Jolly Rancher affect how fast you eat it?

No. The color is only an indication of what flavor it is, nothing more.