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The first dual mission in space started in 1963, space craft: Vostock 5-6 sent by the USSR

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Q: The date for the first dual mission in space?
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Who invented the space rover?

The concept of "Space" is continually being redefined. We find something new about it all the time. This is a great area for discovery.If space is really a fabric, then we should be able to get some kind of hooks into it and use it for propulsion or, if we can go deep enough, we might find a pure energy source ready to tap for storage or distribution.Maybe we find another aspect of it that when we touch it in a certain way, we might be able to see all of time and space at the same moment, being able to point to a location and reach it instantly. Who knows?Yuri Gagarin (Great Adventurer) was the first human to reach the space outside our atmosphere. Space exists everywhere. 85% of the area that matter resides in is actually empty space, so everything everywhere has actually been in space from the moment of creation.We have to kind of describe "Empty Space", because there doesn't seem to be any "Empty Space" anywhere. There is always different forms of matter distributed sparcly throughout space, as well as all forms of high energy particles flying in all directions from all sorts of sources in the universe. There is no such thing as a pure vacuum, because of these factors.

Why did astronauts go on the moon?

The moon missions served a dual purpose. They really were about the science of the endeavor, to understand the origins of the moon, the geologic make up of the moon, to discover if there was tectonic activity, etc. There was also a secondary purpose, which was to prove to our Cold War enemies that we had the power and strength, technologically, to send men to the moon. The theory being that if we could launch a rocket to the moon, we could launch nuclear missiles to Russia. So it was a "who's the best" contest as much as it was a "let's do science!" mission.

What type of star is NGC 2372?

NGC 2371-2 (aka NGC 2371 or NGC 2372) is a dual lobed planetary nebula found in the constellation of Gemini.

What type of radar is used for detecting tornadoes?

Tornadoes are detected using Doppler weather radar. In recent years some of these radars have been upgraded with dual-polarization to further aid in detectng hail and tornadic debris.

How long will Spica stay on the main sequence?

Spica is a dual star system, with the two members too close for resolution by the best telescopes. The larger, primary star is a blue-white giant, and does have the potential to end it's life as a supernova. The primary is not a main sequence star. The secondary, about 70% the size of the primary, is a main sequence star, also blue white.

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