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Q: The planets in the solar system revolve around the sun because it has the greatest and strongest attraction?
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Which planet has the strongest gravity and why?

The planet with the strongest gravitational attraction in our galaxy at its surface is Jupiter.

Which planet has the strongest gravity?

Earth has the strongest gravitational pull.

Which planets in the solar system exsert the greatest force of gravity?

Jupiter, the biggest planet, exerts the strongest gravity.

Why do jupyiter and Saturn have so many moons?

Jupiter and Saturn are the most massive planets in the solar system and so have the greatest gravitational effect.

Why earth have its rotation?

because of gravitational force of attraction between the earth and other planets

Does mars have the strongest gravity?

No. Jupiter has the strongest gravity of the planets in our solar system.

What will happen if your universe electrically charged?

the planets will have same charge where sun will bhi oppositly charged .. the attraction between planets n sun will be increased due to which the galaxy will end . because the planets come near to sun and planets will be destroyed

Which of the planets in the solar system has the greatest effect on the earth and why?

Jupiter because it is so massive.

Is a force of attraction and can be different on other planets?


Why do the larger outer planets have more satellites than the smaller planets?

This is because the larger planets have more of a gravitational pull. The higher attraction you have to other objects the more likely you are to have them around you. Some believe earth only has a moon because it collided with us from space.

Why it takes mercury the shortest time of all the planets to complete one orbit of the sun?

Because it is the closest, it is in the strongest gravitational field and it goes the quickest because of that.

What keeps all of the planets in its orbit?

Gravitational attraction to the sun