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the moon

planet jupiter and mars

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Q: What 4 objects can the people see in their solar system?
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Why is the sun responsible for people's ability to see other objects within the solar system?

The Sun's light, falling on other objects, allows people to see planets and other objects, which would be dark otherwise.

How can you see all objects in the solar system?

because we cant

How does the suns size compare to other objects in the solar system?

See related link for a pictorial.

Were any other planets formed in the solar system other than the present eight planets?

Actually, there are 18 known planets in our solar system, as well as two known protoplanets. For a complete list of objects in the solar system, see the related links.

If the universe was circular and you could see far enough could you see our solar system?

Through the nebula and small bodied objects; barely discernible, if at all.

How many constelations are there in our solar system?

There are no constellations in our solar system. All constellations you see are outside our solar system.

What are the methods and equipment used to see far away objects in the solar system?

Within the solar system the most common method of observing objects that are at a great distant from the Earth is through the use of conventional Optical Telescopes. The Kuiper Belt, the farthest observed edge of the Solar System (although not the limit of), has been viewed using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), of Newtonian Design. The objects in this belt have both been viewed in optical wavelengths and infrared using the HST.

Can a telescope see all the stars in your solar system?

Yes. In fact your eyes can see all the stars in our Solar System. The only star in our solar system is the Sun.

What telescope is used to see deep sky objects?

Just about any good telescope can be used to see deep sky objects. Of course, the more power a telescope has, the better the viewing will be (compared to a smaller piece of equipment). Shallow sky objects are things like an eclipse, or something "close" to earth (within the solar system). Deep sky objects lie outside our solar system, so using a telescope with a fairly large objective is a perferred choice.

Is your solar system the only one in the solar system?

Yes, the solar system is the only one in our solar system. there are other solar systems many trillions of miles away. You can see their suns, these are the stars.

What are stars in the solar system like?

there is only 1 star in our solar system, which is our sun. the stars that we can see at night are outside of our solar system

Are there lots of stars in the solar system?

There is only one star in our solar system, which is the sun. None of the other stars you see are in our solar system.