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It is the point where the planet in orbit is furthest from the sun.

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Q: What Is Aphelion?
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Is Pluto perihelion or aphelion?


Is the northern hemispheres summer during aphelion or perihelion?

The Aphelion.

Is the northern hemisphere summer during aphelion or perihelion?

The Aphelion.

How do you use the word Aphelion?

Aphelion is the point in a planet's or comet's orbit where it is farthest from the Sun. The Earth's aphelion is 152,098,232 km.

How far is mars from the sun in aphelion?

It is about 249,209,000 kilometers from the Sun, at aphelion.

How close does neptune get to the sun in aphelion?

At aphelion Neptune is 4540 million kilometres from the Sun. This is the furthest that Neptune gets from the Sun because that is what aphelion refers to.

What is mercury's aphelion?

Mercury's aphelion, or the part of its orbit that is farthest from the sun, is 43.4 million miles. Although this is the closest aphelion of any planet in the solar system, it gets within 25 million miles of Venus's aphelion.

How far does Saturns aphelion get from the sun?

Saturn at aphelion is about 1503 million kilometers from the Sun.

Sentence using aphelion?

The Earth's aphelion is when it reaches it point in orbit farthest from the sun. An example sentence is: She thinks she feels it when the Earth reaches it's aphelion.

What are the perihelion and aphelion?

Perihelion is the point at which a planet is closest to the Sun in it's elliptical orbit. Aphelion is when it is furthest.

Which planet is located at aphelion in its orbit?

Neptune is located at aphelion in its orbit. It is the furthest from the Sun while it is in its orbit.

What is the point at which a planet is farthest from the sun in its orbit?

Aphelion describes the furthest point in a planetary orbit.

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