What are Jupiter's minor gases?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The composition of Jupiter's atmosphere is as follows:

Major gases:

  • Molecular hydrogen (H2) - 89.8% (2.0%)
  • Helium (He) - 10.2% (2.0%)

Minor Gases (approximately, in ppm):

  • Methane (CH4) - 3000
  • Ammonia (NH3) - 260
  • Hydrogen Deuteride (HD) - 28
  • Ethane (C2H6) - 5.8
  • Water (H2O) - 4
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Q: What are Jupiter's minor gases?
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What gases make up Jupiters air?

Nitrogen and Helium

What are the most common gases in jupiters composition?

Jupiter is mainly made of Hydrogen.

Is Jupiters surface crusty?

No but it usta be but the gases esolved the surface but I my self think there still is but not as much 90 % is mostly is gases .

What planets are large fast moving and made mostly of gases?

The "exoplanets" known as "Hot Jupiters".

How hot is Jupiters surface?

not very It is all gases around a small cool rock core.

Is jupiters surface thought to be a giant ocean of liquid water?

No, Jupiter is composed mostly of gases.

What causes Jupiters stormy weather?

Jupiter has so many gases that it swirls together and make a storm

What kind of atmosphere Jupiter have?

jupiters atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, amonia, and many other gases.

What are facts about spacecraft?

the galileo spacecraft dropped a probe into jupiters atmospere, it was crushed by the dangerous gases once it decended about 130,000

What are the major and minor gases of the sun?

the major and minor gases of the sun is that if you dont know just dance gangnamstyle

What are neptunes minor gases?

Neptune's minor atmospheric gases are ethane and hydrogen deuteride. Its major gases are hydrogen, helium, and methane. Neptune's blue appearance is caused by the mixture of these gases.

What are the major and minor gases on neptune?

It not being certain of what amount or percentage is considered a "major" or "minor" gas, I have chosen to give the list of known gases in significant quantities: Hydrogen gas- 83% Helium gas- 15% Methane gas- 2%