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I'd say:

a letter

a picture

a toy

a pencil

a book/page of a book

a coin/note

your favourite things

a letter to the future about anything you want

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put money twinkies diary or newspaper and game

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A McDonalds Big Mac

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Q: What are good items to put into a time capsule?
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What to put in a time capsule?

Personal items, something with meaning, brochures, wrappers, music CDs, etc.

What do you put in a time capsule?

You put in goods or information for the future to use in a time capsule.

How do you get the dog to get dig up the time capsule?

Put the treat on the spot the time capsule is buried.

What materials do you need for a time capsule in ancient Egypt?

Capsule, shovel, dirt, and hole to put it in

What is the strangest thing put in a time capsule?

a sweet .........................................

What did George Washington put in his time capsule?

his 32 shills

If you had a time capsule what would you put in it from the '30s?

George W. Bush

What could i put in a time capsule for theador roose velt?

A dime.

What would Leonardo da Vinci put in a time capsule?

he would put things that matter to him

Where do you put the peanut cracker to find the time capsule?

You put the peanut butter crackers where the school girls were standing

What do you do if you find a time capsule?

Either open it or leave it where it is, or you could open it and then put it back.

What is the difference between time capsule and time machine?

A time capsule is a container into which a group of people put things that are significant to them or their generation with the intention of having a future generation open the capsule and review its contents so they can have a better understanding of what life was like back then. A time machine is a fictional device for traveling to a different time in the past or future.