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core, radioactive zone, convection zone

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Q: What are the layers of the sun from inside out and what are their densities?
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What are the densities of the layers?


When objects are layered do objects of higher or lower density sink to the bottom?

The fluids with highest densities form the lowest layers. The fluids with lowest densities form the highest layers.

What are the three layers on the Sun?

There are actually 5 layers. Going from the inside out they are: Thermonuclear Core, Radiative Zone, Convective Zone, Photosphere, and the Chromosphere.

How many layers the sun have?

It has 6 layers which are, from inside towards the surface:-CoreRadiative zoneConvective zonePhotosphereChromosphereCoronaIt also has features which appear in its outer layers:SunspotGranulesProminences

How are astronomers able to explore the layers of the sun?

The outer layers can be seen directly; the inner layers can't, to a great extent (though neutrinos from the nuclear reactions get out immediately, and can be observed). Much of what happens inside the Sun is deduction, from what is known about how matter behaves.

Liquids that do not mix form into layers when they have different densities true or false?


Does the Earth consist of spherical shells with different compositions and densities?

Yes. They're called layers.

What property does separation by density rely on to separate out parts of a solution?

Substances with different densities will separate into layers.

What are the layers of the earth from outer to inner?

outer layer: Crust Next: Mantle Next: Outer core Last: Inner core NOTE: these are the basic layers, there are many layers within layers made from different textures, densities, ect.

What are the sun's layers?

the outside

Is the sun made of 5 layers?

That depends how you choose to count the layers. You can find details about the individual layers in the Wikipedia article about the Sun, among other places.

How do you separate layers of different densities?

Gravity - using a centrifuge to speed things up. Note that if the substances are mixable then this fails.