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Apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude.

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Q: What are two ways to describe a stars brightness?
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What are the two ways stars are classified?

Two ways are by temperature and brightness

What are the ways stars are classified?

Two ways are by temperature and brightness

Which two groups of stars can have similar brightness?

Blue Supergiants and Supergiants

Is it true that two stars that have the same brightness are the same distance from earth?


The diffence in brightness between two stars is related to the?

Their distance away from you and their intrinsic luminosity.

What do you call two revolving stars of unequal brightness?

Two stars revolving around one another (around their center of mass, to be precise) are called a "binary star". There is no special name for the case that the brightness is unequal; this is actually the usual case.

What are the two ways you can classify stars?

The two ways are by their surface temperature (spectrum) and by their absolute magnitude (intrinsic brightness). The HR diagram has spectrum along the horizontal axis and absolute magnitude along the vertical axis. Each star occupies a point in the HR diagram.

What two factor affect a stars apparent brightness?

Two factors that affect a star's apparent brightness are: 1.) The distance between the Earth and the star 2.) The absolute magnitude (the actual brightness) of the star Hope that helps :P

Describe Two ways scientists calculate the age of the universe?

by using the distance from Earth to various galaxies and by calculating the ages of old, nearby stars.

Describe two ways that light can be reflected.?

two ways are diffuse and regular reflection

Describe two ways to get help in an office program?

two ways to get help in office program

If two stars have the same apparent magnitude are they the same distance from Earth?

No. Brighter distant stars can have the same apparent magnitude as fainter stars that are closer.(Absolute magnitude does not refer to actual brightness, but rather to what the brightness of a star would likely be at an arbitrary distance of 10 parsecs, rather than its actual distance.)