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man has not yet traveled to mars........that the general public knows anyway!!





BUT they could add magnets to the bottom of their shoes to help keep them grounded.

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Q: What can astronauts do to to their boots to keep them from from bobbing so much on mars?
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Has astronauts been on mars?

No not yet

What do the Mars people eat when they are on the planet Mars?

There are no people on Mars, and no astronauts have visited Mars. The Moon, yes, Mars, no.

How do astronauts bring rock samples back from Mars?

No astronauts have ever been to Mars, and no rock samples have ever been sent to Earth.

Why is it so much more difficult to send astronauts to the moon than mars?

You appear to be misinformed. It is more difficult to send people to mars because it is so much farther away. That is why we have not sent astronauts to mars yet, but we have sent astronauts to the moon.

What did the astronauts use the mars rover for?

to run.

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How many astronauts stepped on mars?


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The two things produces by plants that would be important to keep astronauts alive on a long journey would be glucose and oxygen. Oxygen is most important.

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no astronaut was ever sent to mars

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James Rodney

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