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They call it a meteorite. It's all right if we call it that too.

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Q: What do scientists call a rock that strikes the Earth's surface?
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What do scientists call the giant puzzle pieces that make up the earths surface?

tectonic plates

What do you call the process where light is taken in when it strikes a surface?

I call that "absorption".

What do scientists call a rock that strikes earth's surface?

Meteorites. When floating in space they are called meteoroids, they are then called meteors when they enter the earths atmosphere at high speeds, burning up brightly as shooting stars for a brief period due to the friction against the gas in the atmosphere. If any surviving pieces are found on the surface, they are called meteorites.

What do we call a measure of height above earths surface?

Height above earths surface is called elevation

What do you call shapes on earths surface?


What do they call a rock that strickes earths surface?

A meteorite.

What do you call all of the water on earths surface?


What do you call all the water on earths surface?

We call it droples droples is inncorrect. it is call the hydrosphere.

What do you call the point of the earths surface directly above where an earthquake originates?

The epicenter

What is the liquid rock call when it is on the earths surface?

well i don't know the answer hhhahahaahahh

What do you call a gap in the earths crust through which molten rock escapes onto the earths surface?

Volcano or shield volcano.

What do we call a fractured surface in earths crust where a mass of rocks is in motion?

Butt face