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Their "orbits".

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Q: What do you call into the imaginary path of the planets?
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Do the planets move in their own imaginary path yes or no?

There path is not imaginary, so the answer is no.

What do you call a circular path to do with the solar system?

if you mean the imaginary line that the planets travel on it's called an 'Orbit' or 'obital path'

What do you call the path to the planets takes what keeps the planets on this path?

The path a planet takes is called an orbit.The planets are kept in orbit by the gravitational pull of the star (in our case the Sun) they orbit.

What do you call path of the planetaround the sun?

It is the planets' orbit.

What do you call the path when the planets orbit the sun?

eliptical orbit.

What do you call imaginary elliptical path of the earht as it revolves around the sun?

gravity of the earth

Name the path on which planets travel?

The path on which planets travel is called their orbit.

What keeps the planets on their path?

The gravity of there star keeps them on path and a planets moon is sun around by its planets gravitational force

What is the imaginary elliptical path of the earth?


What is the path followed by a planet in revolving called?

It is a imaginary path called Orbit.

Define orbit and axis of the planets?

The orbit of a planet is the path it takes on its journey around the sun. The axis is an imaginary line through the planet from pole to pole about which the planet revolves or spins.

What is the path a planet takes to orbit another planet called?

We call that path the "orbit" of the orbiting body. Note: You would not ever see a planet orbiting another planet. At least, if you did, you would not call them both planets.