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Since all such emissions are "black body radiation" (or pretty close), the correct answer is "light". All wavelengths... from the longest radio waves, to very energetic gamma radiation.

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Light waves

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Q: What electromagnetic waves are produced by stars and galaxies?
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What are the waves that are produced by stars and galaxies?

Density waves (they cause the spiral arms in disc galaxies).

How Electromagnetic Waves produced on surface of sun?

How Electromagnetic Waves produced on surface of sun?

What waves are produced by starts and Galaxies?

jesus waves

What Wave that is produced by a vibrating electric charge is an electromagnetic?

The name of such waves is "electromagnetic waves".

When are Electromagnetic waves produced?

In a vacuum

What are sound waves produced by a vibrating object?

SEISMIC WAVES.Tranverse Waves.

How are electromagnetic waves used in a flashlight?

The light produced by a flashlight is electromagnetic radiation.

How are the distances to stars measured?

by the property of reflection or electromagnetic waves

How are electromagnetic waves produced?

Electromagnetic waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. These waves are also called 'electromagnetic radiation' because they radiate from the electrically charged particles. They travel through empty space as well as through air and other substances.

Electromagnetic waves slow down or change direction?

Electromagnetic waves are produced by the acceleration of an electric charge. Electromagnetic waves have the same speed in a vacuum (or space). They can slow down and change direction.

How are electromagnetic waves formed when 4 hydrogen atoms fuse into 1 helium atom?

light waves are produced by our star. they are electromagnetic waves. please explain.

Do electromagnetic waves need a medium?

No. We get electromagnetic waves from the sun. We can see stars and sun even though there is a virtual vacuum between us. Electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic waves includes the radio and television signals that we can get from space satellites.Sound is not an electromagnetic wave, it needs a medium.