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It converts into radiant energy

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Q: What happens to the amount of the sun's mass as it burns?
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What happens to the amount of the suns mass as it burns?

When some amount of the sun's hydrogen is converted to helium in the processof nuclear fusion, the mass winds up being slightly less than when it began. Thatsmall portion of mass has become a quantity of energy, according to E = M c2 ,and has departed from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

What is the mass of the earths mass compared to the suns Mass?

ur mother

How much does the sun have mass?

The suns mass is 332,950 earths.

What is the suns mass?

The Suns mass is 1.9891 × 1030 kg or about 333,000 times that of Earth. The Sun contains about 99% of the total mass of the Solar System.

What is the mass of mekbuda?

8.8 Suns 32747456000000000000000 kg

What happens to the suns energy that is reflected?

It goes back into space.

What happens when two suns collide?

a big explosion occors

Is Sirius a low mass star?

It is, but at twice our suns mass, Sirius A is on the limit, of being an intimidate mass star. Sirius A will have a life cycle similar to that of our own star which is a low mass star, but burns hotter. Sirius B is a companion white dwarf star with a mass of around the same as our sun. Previously, it was thought to have been a star with a mass of around 5 times that of our sun, burning out more quickly than Sirius A.

How many times as great as the mass of Saturn is the mass of the sun?

The mass of the sun is around 3500 times that of Saturn. 3500 Saturn masses = the suns mass.

What process provides the suns energy?

it s a nuclear process in which smaller nuclei combine to form huge nucleus. in this process some amount of mass convert into energy in the form of light and light

Why is mercury not the hotest planet to do nearest to the sun?

cause mercury doesnt trap the suns heat into the surface. It burns in the day time but freezes at the night time. Venus traps the suns heat in its surface.

What is located in the middle of our galaxy?

A supermassive black hole - with the mass of about 4,000,000 Suns.