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In 1998, astrologists discovered ice on the moon. The presence of water on the moon indicates the possibility of life forms on the moon.

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Q: What important compound was found on the moon in 1998?
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What is the important compound that was found in the moon in 1998?


Compound found on moon in 1998?

Hydrogen was the chemical compound found on the moon in 1998. It has a chemical symbol of H and atomic number of 1. It is the lightest element on the periodic table.

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What material was found on the moon?

Moon rocks were found on the Moon.

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Is there aluminum on the moon?

Yes, there is a small amount of aluminum present on the moon. It is found in lunar soil and rocks in the form of aluminum oxide compounds. However, the concentration of aluminum on the moon is much lower compared to Earth.

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It was the first moon they found which associated with the faint G-Ring. Astronomers theory is that each ring is supported by moons. They had not found a moon on the G-ring so they couldn't explain why the G-Ring had formed. When they found Aegaeon their theory could acctualy make sense.

What year did astronots land on the moon?

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