What is a rock planet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a planet made mostly of rock or metal

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Q: What is a rock planet?
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Which planet has no rock?

the planet that has NO rock on it, is most likely Jupiter.

Is Venus' a rock planet?

Yes, venus is a rock planet

Is Mercury a planet or a rock?

Mercury is a planet made of rock and metal.

Which planet has broad rings that are made of ice and rock?

Saturn is the planet with rings made of ice and rock.

Is a inner planet gas or rock?


Who sings planet rock?

More information about a Planet Rock song can be found online at the Planet Rock website. The website gives you information about the Planet Rock songs and the sample of songs.

When was Planet Rock - song - created?

Planet Rock - song - was created on 1982-04-17.

Its a rock or gases planet Mars?

It is a rocky planet.

What planet is made of rock and ice?

The answer is Pluto. Pluto isn't a planet anymore so there is no planet made up of rock and ice.

What is your planet's location?

Well my planet is the third rock from the Sun, I have no idea about your planet.

Why is earth a rock?

Earth is not a rock, it is a planet. If anything rock is earth but earth is not rock.

Is saturn a rock planet?