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Q: What is between Mars and Jupiter that has a belt of small rocky objects?
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What is A small rocky objects that revolve around sun mostly between mars and Jupiter?

It is an asteroid.

What Small rocky objects that revolve around the sun mostly in the area between mars and Jupiter?

They are asteroids.

What are small rocky bodies found in a belt between Mars and Jupiter?

The small rocky bodies between Mars and Jupiter are called asteroids. These objects are small and are made of rock or iron. Jupiter's gravity is stopping these rocks from forming a planet but even if they did form a planet, the resulting planet would only be half the size of the moon.

What is the small rocky and metallic bodies between orbit Jupiter and mars?


What is the small dense object that orbits the sun between orbits of Mars and Jupiter?

There is no "small dense object" that orbits between Mars and Jupiter. There are however numerous asteroids which are rocky objects up to a few hundred miles in diameter that orbit in this region making up what is called the asteroid belt.

What are small planet-like objects floating between Mars and Jupiter?

Those objects are called asteroids.

Is Jupiter the only outer planet that is small and rocky?

It is not small and rocky, it is a gas giant!

The relatively small rocky bodies generally found orbiting between Mars and Jupiter are known as?


What is a small rocky object that revolve around the sun mostly in the area between mars and Jupiter?

An asteroid.

What small objects that include a belt is between mars and jupiter?

Asteroids ... it is called the Asteroid Belt.

What is the name of the small rocky objects?


An asteroid can best be described as what?

An asteroid is a small rocky object that orbits the Sun, typically found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They are remnants from the early formation of the solar system and can vary in size from small boulders to objects several hundred kilometers in diameter.