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The Moon's diameter is about 1/4 of Earth's diameter.

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Q: What is the Moon's radius compared with earths?
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How big is earths moons compared to other planets?


How big are Uranus' moons compared to earths?

There half the size of our moons. Some are a little less.

The planet Neptune's size compared to the other planets?

Mercury's radius (at the equator) = 2440km or 0.3825 x Earths Venus' radius = 6052km or 0.9488 x Earths Earth's radius = 6378km Mars' radius = 3397km or 0.5323 x Earths Jupiter's radius = 71,492km or 11.21 x Earths Saturn's radius = 60,267km or 9.45 x Earths Uranus' radius = 25,557km or 4.01 x Earths Neptune's radius = 24,766km or 3.88 x Earths

Is moon charon is bigger than earth's moon?

Charon is smaller than the earths moon. It's radius is around 600km, while the Earths moons radius is around 1736km.

What is the Moons density compared to the Earth?

The Moons density is 3,346.4 kg/m3 The Earths density is 5,515 kg/m3 So the Earth is denser than the Moon

What is the force of gravity on the moons surface compared to the force of gravity on earths surface?

The Moon has 1/6th the pull of Earth's gravity.

What is earths relative gravity?

Generally gravity of other planets, moons, ext is compared relatively to Earth's (with Earth's being 1).

As you get farther away from the center of the earth your weight will increase or decrease?

It will decrease not by much though it is not noticeable compared to the earths radius

How many moons does the moon have?

the Luna (Earths moon) has no moons.

Is Pluto smaller the Earths moons?

Yes as Pluto is the smallest and the last planet in the solar system, it is smaller then the earths moons.

The radius of the moon's?

The moons average radius in miles is 1079 miles.

The size difference between the sun moon and earth?

It depends on how you describe the size; you can say volume, mass, surface area, circumference or radius. A measure of volume condiders three dimensions, and a radius one dimension, so the volume will go up by a factor of eight when you double the radius. If we just use radius, then the Moons mean radius is 1737 km (0.273 of Earths), the Earth is 6378 km and the suns radius is around 695500 km or 109 times that of Earths. When considering volumes though, the Suns volume is 1.3 million times that of the Earths.

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