What is the criteria for something in space to be a planet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A planet, as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), is a celestial body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion, and has cleared its neighboring region of planetesimals.

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Q: What is the criteria for something in space to be a planet?
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Why the criteria of the Pluto do not match with other planets?

If by this question you mean why Pluto is no longer an official planet, it's because it is not the dominant object in its region of space.

Does everything is space orbit something?

not every thing orbits a planet only 3 or2 planet have one orbiting it

What planet is 1500 km away from the sun?

No planet exists with that criteria.

Why is mercury a dwarf- planet?

Mercury is not a dwarf planet. It is a planet.

Could you be stationary in space or always falling toward something?

It matters how strong a gravitational pull is from a planet and how close you are to one. You could be stationary if you found out how far the gravitational pull is from a planet and then go out past that number in space.

How do people in space know when the weather changes?

There is no weather in space. Weather is something that occurs in the atmosphere of a planet. The people in space can tell the weather on Earth by looking at the cloud formations below them.

Why isn't Venus a dwarf planet?

Because it fulfils the criteria for being a planet. See related question

What to wear when you go to venus planet?

I believe that you should were a space suit, or something to protect you from all the heat in the atmosphere.

Are there newly discovered planets in space and what are their names?

they are alot of new planets in space that we have found. Planet X Planet Xl, Planet Neplite,Planet Planet Cel

Which is the colest planet in outer space?

The known coolest planet in outer space is PLUTO.

Is Pluto the first smallest planet?

No, mercury is. Pluto is a dwarf planet because it does not meet all the criteria to be a planet and it is the second largest dwarf planet so far.

What in space is the smallest?

What is the smallest planet in space