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Q: What is the oldest identifiable impact feature on the moon?
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What is the oldest identifyable impact feature on the Moon's surface?

The South Pole-Aitken basin.

What is the oldest moon?

Well there is no certain ''oldest moon'' but they do have oldest moon features and oldest moon rock

What is the name of the Moon's largest impact crater?

The South Pole-Aitken basin (not "Aitken crater") on the far side of the moon, at 1,600 miles across, is not only the largest known impact crater on the moon but one of the largest in the solar system. It is also believed to be the moon's oldest and deepest (over 8 miles deep).

What physical feature on the Earth is dependent on the moon?

No moon, no tides. Ocean water is a physical feature on earth that is dependent on the moon because the moon's gravity pull causes ebb and flood.

Why is aitkin most significant in the solar system?

The Aitkin Basin is a huge impact crater on the moon, 1,600 miles in diameter and 8.1 miles deep. It is the oldest, deepest and largest crater on the moon, and one of the largest in the entire solar system.

What is the largest feature on the moon?

The craters

What caused the features of the moon?

Some of the mountains on the Moon appear to be natural formations. Unlike Earth, where wind and rain erode mountains and hillsides, the vacuum of the Moon keeps every feature pristine. The only things that affects the Lunar surface are meteors. Millions of meteor impact craters speckle the entire face of the Moon. Craters on craters IN craters; probably 3.5 billion years worth of lunar impact craters has made the Moon what we see today.

The oldest moon features are walled what?


What is earths oldest satellite?


What impact do they have on the country?

Neil Armstrong's impact was going to the moon adn being the first one on the moon.

What feature covers much of the moon?


What is a low or sunken feature on the moon?

its a maria.