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The Corona

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Q: What is the only part of the sun that can be seen during an eclipse?
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What is only seen during a total eclipse?

Darkness or a corona

What part of the sun is seen during a solar eclipse?

The corona.

What part of the sun looks like a halo and can usually be seen during a solar eclipse?


Which layer of the sun can only be seen during an eclipse?

I guess you mean only during a total eclipse of the Sun. At that time we can see the chromosphere and the corona. The outermost layer is the corona.

What features are seen on the moon during a solar eclipse?

Nothing at all; during a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun and is seen in silhouette.

Can the solar eclipse be seen from any part of the earth that is having daylight at the time of the eclipse?

No. A solar eclipse can only be seen along its path. The path for a partial eclipse is much larger than the path for a total eclipse, but even that doesn't cover the entire daylight side of Earth.

What part of the moon is seen during full moon?

Only half part of the moon is seen during full moon.

Why can't the moon be seen during a solar eclipse?

the moon can be seen during a solar eclipse it's during a lunar eclipse you can not always see the moon. Because it travels through the shadow cast by the Earth

What is a different about a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is where the moon passes behind the Earth. It is only visual during the night when the moon can be seen. Hence, it will always be a full moon. The moon will have an orange-red color, due to the refraction from the sun. The next lunar eclipse will be in December 2010. A solar eclipse is where the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. During a partial solar eclipse, only parts of the sun are out of view from Earth, but during a total solar eclipse, the sun is fully blocked; however, solar eclipses are rare and can only be seen from certain places during certain times. The next solar eclipse will be in 2012.

How much of the partial eclipse on Jan 2011 will be seen from the UK?

Very little, and only in the southeastern part of England.

Is the moon ever seen during the day?

yes but only part of it is seen,and seen foggy

When can the chromosphere be seen?

during a full solar eclipse