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Uranus is one planet that spins on its side, although there is another famous dwarf planet named Pluto that also spins on its side. Uranus was first discovered as a planet on March 12, 1781. Its axis of rotation is in fact tilted sideways and its north and south poles are located where most planets have their equators.

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Q: What is the only planet which spins on its side?
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Which planet spin on its side?

The planet Uranus spins on its side.

Which planet has the oddest orbit?

Uranus, because it spins on it's side.

How is the rotation of the planet Uranus and Pluto unique?

Uranus spins on its side

What planet spins along its side rolling along its orbit?


What is the only planet that spins counter clockwise?


How does the planet Mercury's spins?

how does the planet mercury's spins?

What planet spins so slow its cold on one side and hot on the other?


Which planet appears to spin on its side?

Uranus spins on a 97 degree angle or on its side.

What is the unique feature of of Venus?

It's the only known planet that spins clockwise (backwards)

What planet spins on it's side as it orbits the sun?

Uranus - its axial tilt of 98 degrees means that it is tilted on its side as it orbits the sun.

Why water spins into the drainage?

Gravitational pull causes the vortex depending on which side of the planet your on which way the vortex will spin

What planet spins on its side and has rings?

In the Sol solar system, Uranus. This is thought to be due to a collision early in its history.