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It is made up of gases

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Q: What is the terrain ground of Jupiter made up of?
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What is in Jupiter?

Jupiter is made up of liquid and gas.

What's in Jupiter?

Jupiter is made up of liquid and gas.

What thing made Jupiter up?

Jupiter is made of gas. AKA: a gas giant.

How much of Jupiter is made up of hydrogen?

Jupiter is made up of about 90% hydrogen. If it was about 75% larger, it could be another Sun.

Is Jupiter made up of ice?

its made of gas

What is the crust made up of on Jupiter?

Jupiter is a gaseous planet. It doesn't have a crust.

What are Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune made up of?

they are made up of gas.

Made ground made-up ground?

yes it is made from ground.

Is Jupiter made up of gas or rock?

The planet Jupiter is predominantly made up of hydrogen and helium. The core of planet is thought to contain some rock and metallic hydrogen, but Jupiter is mainly made up of gas, hence its classification as a gas giant.

What is the make up of Jupiter?

stop cheating and go reasearch!

What is the terrain of planet Mars made up of?

Sand and rocks.

What Jupiter's surafce made of?

Jupiter's surface is not made of anything,it is a "Gas Giant".Made of gas.I suggest you look up what it's atmosphere is made of.