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10^-4 light years

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Q: What is the width of our solar system?
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To measure the width of your solar system you use what?

kilometers but you would have to be an astronote to do that

What does the solar system consist of 33?

The width in kilometres of the Russel Gap in the ring system of Saturn

How long in width is olympus mons?

It is the largest known mountain/volcano in the entire solar system.

Why is the sun the biggest thing in your Solar System?

Actually the Sun is not the largest thing in our Solar System. Jupiters Magnetosphere is. I believe around 10x the width of the sun. The Magnetosphere, much like the one that surrounds the Earth, protects Jupiter from Solar Wind and its harmful effects.

What do you call the tiny part of our galaxy in our solar system?

"Our solar system." The "part of our galaxy" that's in our solar system is the solar system.

What is your solar system called?

Our Solar System is called the Solar System, Why?, what do you Aliens call it.

Is there a mini solar system or binary star system in our solar system?

No. There is one star in our solar system, and no other solar systems within it.

What is the name for solar system?

The solar system

Where can you find the solar system?

What is the name of your solar system?

My solar system (and yours if you are from Earth) is just called "The Solar System".

Is earth apart of the solar system?

It is a part of the solar system, however, it is not apart of the solar system.

What exoplanets are in our solar system?

There are no exoplanets in our solar system. By definition, an exoplanet is a planet that is not in our solar system.