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At the moment about 24% but it is increasing every second.

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Q: What percent of the sun is made of helium?
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Hpw many percent of hydrogen and heliumdoes the sun has?

The sun is made up of 71% hydrogen, 27.1% helium.

Is the sun made out of burning gasses and why?

helium is made from the sun from the atmosphere and is believed to have a percentage of 70 percent. Well, actually, helium isn't made in the sun. But even then, the atmosphere of the sun is actually made up of 54% helium to be exact. (Not far off from what you said, though.) Correction: Helium IS produced in the sun! hydrogen is fused into helium and this liberates large amounts of energy.

What percent of hydrogen is fused to helium in the sun and what percent is fused to energy?

99.993 % into Helium, .007 % into energy.

Is the sun made out of lemens?

The sun is not made out of lemens. The sun is bearly made out of anything! The sun contains helium and hydrogen.Hydrogen - 92%Helium - 8%

What are the percentages of helium and hydrogen that compose the sun?

The sun is about 98 percent hydrogen.

What percentage of the Sun is composed of helium?

The sun in composed of 25 percent helium. The other 75 percent is hydrogen. The sun also has small amounts of other elements such as neon, oxygen, carbon, and magnesium.

What Is the second lightest and second most abundant element found in stars 25 percent of the Sun is made from this element?


What are the chemical make-up elements on the sun?

hydrogen and helium The sun consists of 71 % Hydrogen, 27 % Helium, 1 % Oxygen and the last percent is made of Carbon, Nitrogen, Silicon, Magnesium, Neon, Iron and Sulfur.

What chemicals is the sun made out of?

The sun is made of mostly Hydrogen and Helium

In the sun what is the air made out of?

The sun is mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

Why is the sun made of?

The sun is made mostly of superheated hydrogen and helium.

What percent of the sun is composed of helium?

About 25% (according to the Wikipedia article "Sun").