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No planet goes around the Earth. The Moon, Earth's satellite orbits around the Earth, once ever 27 days and 7 hours.

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Uhhh no? The moon does

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Q: What planet takes 28 days to go round the earth?
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What planet take 28 days to round the earth?

No planet, but the Moon takes that time to orbit the Earth.

Which planet takes less than a year to revolve round the sun?

Mercury and Venus. Venus is the planet which takes less then a year to orbit the sun, it takes 224.7 earth days.

What is some important things about earth?

the earth is the only planet which has water. earth revolves round the sun earth rotates on its fixed axis it takes 24 hours to complete one rotation it takes 365 1/4 days to complete one revolution the earth is our home it is round like an orange

What planet takes 3 months to orbit?

mercury has a year of approxamitely 88 earth days

How many days does theMoon takes to go around the Planet Earth?

27.32 days

The number in Earth days it takes for the planet Saturn to rotate once?

0.44401 days.

How much time earth takes to complete one revolution?

Because Pluto is a dwarf planet and is at the end of the solar system it takes longer for the dwarf planet to orbit round the sun.One Pluto year is 248 two years is... 496 years

Which planet takes 11 years and 315 days to travel round the sun?


Which planet takes 243 earth days to rotate once?


What is gravity on this is one sixth of what it is on earth It takes 28 days to round the earth?

the moon

Which planet takes about 365 days to orbit the sun?

The Earth takes about 365 days (1 year) to orbit the sun.

Exactly how long does it take for the moon to go round earth?

It takes 28 days for the moon to travel round the earth.