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There are eight planets in our solar system (from closest to sun to furthest); Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

A further five dwarf planets are also recognised; Ceres (in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter), Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

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Q: What planets make up your solar system?
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Is your solar system smaller than your planets?

The Solar System is made up of the planets. It could not be smaller than the parts that make it up.

What do the sun and planets make up?

The Solar System.

What sentence can you make with the word solar system?

The sun is the centre of our solar system. The sun, planets and many other items make up our solar system.

What make solar system?

the planets, ateroids, smaller bodies, that dont qualify as planets. thats sad. and our sun. that is what makes up our solar system.

How may planets presently make up your solar system?

7 major planets with about 3 dwarf planets.

What bodies make up your solor system?

The 8 planets we have including earth make up tour solar system.

What are the sun and all the planets call as a group?

The Solar System. Multiple solar systems make up Galaxies.

What percentage of the mass do the planets make up in your solar system?

It is only about 0.14%.

Is the solar system made up of seven planets?

No, the solar system is made up of 8 planets, with Pluto as a dwarf planet.

What is the role of galaxies stars and planets in your solar system?

In *my* solar system, galaxies play no role, as my solar system is just one of many solar systems that make up our galaxy. A single star, which we call the Sun, is the most massive object in our solar system and, to a pretty good approximation, all of the planets in our solar system orbit around the Sun. What are the roles of the galaxies, stars, and planets in *your* solar system?

What is a solar syste m?

The sun and the eight planets revolving around it along with their satellites make up the solar system.

What is smaller a planet or a solar system?

A planet. The solar system is made up of planets.