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You are seeing the planet Venus near the crescent moon around February 28 or March 1 2009. You know it's Venus, because it is the 3rd brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and Moon itself.

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Q: What star or planet appears near the moon in march 2009?
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What star or planet appears near the moon in the western sky in January 2009?

Mars to the right of the moon at the begining of the month & Venus to the left of the moon at the end of January 2009.

What star or planet appears near the moon in the southern sky in September 2009?

The planet appearing near the moon in the southern sky in early September 2009 is Jupiter.

How would you describe the visual appearance of planet Earth from the moon?

Right from moon? It appears as if a moon but big in size.

What planet or star appears close to the crescent moon tonight?


What planet appears vivid bright blue and Triton is its largest moon?

Neptune, the furthest planet from the sun.

What star or planet appears near the moon in December 2008?

That's Venus.

What color is the sky when you are on the moon?

To an observer anywhere outside the atmosphere of a planet, including on the moon, the sky appears black everywhere except where a star or illuminated body appears.

What is bright planet in opposite direction of moon in August 2009?


Why is that during the phase of the moon is full moon why is that lunar eclipse is occur?

AS the moon is in its phases and appears in full (full moon) our planet earth is somewhat away from the connecting line between the moon and and the sun. so it appears to us as full moon. during this phase if our planet earth comes across the line of sight between the moon and the sun, it shadows upon the surface of the moon. we call this phenomina as lunar eclipse.

When are they starting to film the movie new moon?

march 2009

What kind of moon was it on December 23 2009?

Waxing crescent moon - The moon appears to be partly but less than one-half full

What was the phase of the moon March 4 2009?

It was a waxing gibbous, but right after a First-quarter moon.