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Chips and soft foods such as applesauce and pudding.

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Q: What type of food do astronauts carry to space?
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What type of rocket was used to carry the astronauts to the moon?

The Saturn V

What type of clothing do astronauts need to protect their skin from harmful gases in space?

There are no harmful gases in space. There are no gases. Space is a vacuum. Astronauts wear a pressure suit so that they are not exposed to the vacuum, which could kill them.

What type of oxygen is in outer space that make us use helmets?

There is no oxygen in space. Astronauts have to take oxygen with them.

What do the astronauts do on the International Space Station?

Type your answer here... suck each other's_____.They exercise.

What do astronauts do on the international space station?

Type your answer here... suck each other's_____.They exercise.

What type of reflected light allows astronauts to see the Earth from space?

They may see lightning.

What is space adaptation syndrome?

It is a type of motion sickness experienced while astronauts adapt to a weightlessness environment.

What type of food do they eat in space?

Astronauts eat 70% less food than people on Earth. Astronauts eat the same food as people on Earth, but their food is specially preserved to avoid contamination by bacteria. To combat the problem of microgravity, food is carefully contained and drinks are packaged as dehydrated powders. The astronauts add water to beverages through a special tube before drinking. Astronauts attach their individual food containers to a food tray with fabric fasteners. The tray itself connects either to the wall or to the astronauts' laps. Astronauts open the food packages with scissors and eat with a knife, fork and spoon. Astronauts don't use bread as the crumbs may float around. Inhaling these crumbs is dangerous. They also avoid hot foods, as it may burn them if it floats onto can bye astronauts food at hawkings bazzarAstronauts ate a variety of foods in space. Some of their foods were freeze dried fruits, and vegetables. They also had meals that were freeze dried so they could just add water and eat them.They eat food like pizza, chicken and nuts BUT the food they eat is powered so it would be powered nuts, powered chicken and powered pizzaUnited States astronauts eat vacuum - sealed food packages that are significantly modified from their state on Earth to an in-space state (the food has the consistency of peanut butter.) Everything and anything is converted to this space form and fed to the astronauts during their mission via pre - packaged containers of the food.Astronauts eat nuts or peanuts when up in space. They also eat space food.Freeze dried food that is packaged before takeoff. Tang, don't forget the Tang.Angelfood cake and Starburst. These represent two of the major food groups, anyway. I'm sure they eat other things too, like Milky Way and Mars Bars.Dehydrated, pureed food that tastes like yogurt. A number of freeze-dried foods can be rehydrated to taste like the original, more or less.Freeze-dried MRE's (Meals Ready- to- Eat). They are the same that soldiers use.== == See the Related Link below and choose the 'Space Foods' link within the page. Space candyThe astronauts eat the same food as men on earth , but in smaller quantities , like peanutbutter is daily food dated on a tray.the dry kind...In a space station astronauts eat many things like chicken, steak, pork, fruits, veggies. When in a space station trying to reduce the amount of crumbs a piece of food makes is key. For example if you where to eat bread in space the crumbs would float in the air (due to no gravity) and the crumbs could possibly get into air filters and other equpiment used by the astronauts so reducing the amount of crumbs you make is deffinetly important

What type of equipment may a space shuttle carry?

people and scientific eqipment

What type of equipment do rockets carry inside of them?

Manned space crafts and equipment.

What type of food is served at the space needle?


What type of tools do astronauts need in space?

Astrnauts need to have computor radars, living quarters for them, communication devices,and equipment for expirements in their rockets.