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It would be dark.The only thing that makes the moon lighted up is the sun. Therefore, if the sun did not reflect the light it has, the moon would be dark.

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Q: What would the moon look like if it did not reflect light from the sun?
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What colour would a white ball look like in yellow light?

Yellow as white objects reflect the whole visible light spectrum. So the white ball would reflect the yellow light.

What color does red look like under magenta light?

It would be a dark shade of red, becasue there isn't much red light for it to reflect.

What would a red object look like under a yellow light?

Blue appears black under a yellow light. For example if you have a blue car and you put a yellow light on it will appear black due to the absence of color. The light has nothing to reflect back.

What colour will red boots look in red light?

They will look red. This is because red boots only reflect red light. If white light was shining on them then they would still appear red because the red light would be reflected into your eyes and the other colours from the spectrum would be absorbed. However, if, for example blue light was shining on them, they would look dark/black because there is no red light to reflect.

What colour does a white ball look in red light?

It would appear to be red because it can only reflect the red light.

What colour would a red object seem to look like if you only shined green light on it?

The object would be black, because red cannot reflect green light so no colour is reflected of the object.

Why do scissors look shiny?

It reflects light since it is a good reflector.

Why only using green light would the plants look droopy?

Chlorophyll in plants does not absorb green light as they reflect this color. That is why plants are, generally, green as they reflect green light and absorb other wavelengths of light.

Why does the moon look like its is a different color?

the pollution in the air makes mostly all the light radiation reflect all some light

How do the blue bag look if it did not reflect light?


What will white look like under yellow light?

White reflects all colors. Since it is under yellow light, it will reflect the yellow color, making it look yellow.

Can sun light reflect from a satellite?

Yes. You can easily see satellites, after sunset. They look like moving stars.