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-- potable water

-- Compressed, breathable air

-- Food

-- Warm clothing

-- Clean underwear

-- DVDs with movies, comedy albums, and music

-- A radio to talk to Earth with

-- whole grains

-- star charts

-- A camera and lots of film

-- Pepto Bismol and Imodium

-- A big crate of chocolate

-- lots of yellow legal pads and fine ballpoint pens

-- Fruits and vegetables

-- Coffee

-- a Bible

-- a Prayer Book

-- Vitamins

-- Soap

-- Toilet paper

-- Toothpaste


They're all necessary for human survival, and none of them is available on Mars.

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Q: What would you take if you where to go to Mars and why?
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Who would you take to Mars?

i would take an astranant to mars

Is it possible for man to go to Mars?

Yes, but it would take months fly to mars. The rocket would have to be big. It takes 3 days to get to the moon and look how big the rocket is! You would need to take oxygen, water, food, etc. or you would die.

How long would it take to get to Mars using current technology?

it would take at least 197.456 hours to get to mars from earth

Would you go on a mission to mars?

No, I would not.

How long would it take for mars to roatate on its axis?

It would take 24 hours and 37 minuets for mars to rotate once. It would take 687 days for mars to rotate around the sun. -Rachel Hagara

How long does Mars Mars take to go round the sun?

apparently it takes 686.971 days to go round

Have you ever land on Mars If so When?

No I have not landed on mars but I would like to go.

What is the difference of your age on earth and mars?

It takes Mars 1.88 Earth years to go around the Sun. So, if you lived on Mars, your Birthdays would be 687 Earth days apart.So, take your current age and divide by 1.88 to get your Mars age.

How many planet Mars would it take to equal the Sun?

About an estimate of 2600600 mars' would fit into the Sun.

How long does it take to go to mars and back with progress?

254 days (approx.) to get to Mars, but a bit faster coming back to Earth as a spacecraft would be travelling into the gravitational pull of the Sun

How much jet fuel would it take to travel to mars?

A lot! Also depends on how fast you want to go. It takes a lot of energy to escape the earth's gravity. After than you can float to Mars but it could take many years.

How long does it take for mars to go round the sun?

not sure