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The Suns surface is about 6,000K much hotter than the Earths crust.

The hottest lava can get at the surface is about 1,400K

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Q: Which is hotter the sun or the earths crust?
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Is earths mantle hotter or cooler than the crust?

The mantle is hotter than the crust.

What happens when you go further into the earths crust?

you get hotter and hotter

Is the earths core cooler than the crust and mantle?

No, the core is hotter.

Is the earths core hotter than both the crust and the mantle?

Yes it is

Which is hotter the sun or the Earth's core?

The sun is millions of degrees hotter than the earths core! (:

Is the sun or the earths core hotter?

The sun's core is hotter, it is about 30 billion degrees Celsius.

Why did Boudicca wear a gold medalinan come from?

Comes from the sun and earths crust

What causes it to erupt?

Sometimes the plates on the earths crust crash into each other, forcing one to go lower. The friction causes the rock to get hotter and hotter until it melts. This is called magma. The magma keeps getting hotter, but it needs somewhere to go, so it surges up through the earths crust, making a hole. That is how a volcano is made. Once the hole is made, magma from the earths core comes to the surface, causing the volcano to spit lava

How many earths would make the sun hotter?

Supposedly, the Earth's core is hotter than the surface of the Sun.So, IF the two collided, the material of the Earth's core would make the Sun hotter, at least until or as the material is burned or converted into the Sun's energy. In this theory, only 1 Earth would make the Sun hotter.

What are the result of heating up the earths core?

this question may actually end humanity because then the lava and stuff that's down there will get hotter and hotter and eventually break through earths crust causing... as far as i know volcano eruptions maybe earthquakes

What on the planet earth is 7500 k for the temperature?

The Earths core is. And that would mean it is hotter than the Sun!!

Earths crust is part of the?

The earths crust is a part of the outermost layer.